Pictures of the beginning of April
before spring decided to hibernate some more :)


*forest green

We found a real oasis in the middle of the forest.



All beginnings are difficult.

It has started quite good, but then weather turned really crazy,
it got really cold and I was not able to sow anything in the outside garden beds so far
and also my plants that I prepared inside obviously suffer. We had a terrible snow storm and they predicted huge harvest losses throughout Austria. That's really not the best news.
I'm still heating both stoves non-stop. The pictures where taken before the snow came.
Now I really hope spring comes back soon again, enough of freezing this year!
How have you been doing lately? 


*turning winds

Weekend at the lake.


*birthday tooth

Pictures from my birthday.
I found a part of an animal skull and took one of it's tooth with me.
It's quite big and I tried to find out from which animal it is, but did not manage to find out yet.
Meanwhile early flowering trees started to bloom and I saw a second hoopoo when I made a little bike trip! They look so tropical and surreal in our landscape.


*goodbye March

March is almost gone.
Saying goodbye to a wonderful human and the beloved dog of my mother.
Little miracles are happening – I saw a hoopoo sitting directly in front of me. I never saw one in real life before. Such a gorgeous bird! It was so weird, we were both just staring at each other.
The first warm sun feels always so wholesome.
Wishing you a wonderful start into spring!


*water and winds

On our 10 year anniversary we made a trip to the Burgenland (the easternmost state of Austria). I haven't seen that area around the Lake Neusiedl at this season before, it looked like a vast lonely desert landscape – the natural tones, so soft for the eyes!



We live quite near to the Austrian-Czech border, so we finally made a little day trip to the beautiful old town of Znojmo at the end of February. Because we went there during the week, it was pleasantly quiet.
Yesterday we worked to protect our young trees from the roebucks that are roaming around in our garden at night. Let's see it if works! They have destroyed quite a bit, especially the peach trees. I am looking forward to the day where I can pick the first homegrown peach! This will be magical!
Have a good week!



I turned 36 a few days ago. 
We went to a river to look for snow drops.
The landscape looks still quite bizarre, especially when the sun shines and the withered meadows, tamed by the many frosts and snow blankets, appear like long forgotten deserts.
But soon everything will change so quickly and one can not get enough from all the fresh greens, the flowers and spring air fragrances.


*key moment

Key moment
in the woods.


*white grasses

Not spring yet.
Nature has time.