When the mist rises
and dawn is breaking.
A magical day time.


*First snow

{Music: Gizeh – Oskar Schuster}


*tiny red leaves

Meanwhile the colors have faded,
the snow as well, but we had frost in the morning
which is so beautiful to look at when the winter sun rises 
in it's strong red colors.
I made a little walk and filmed it for you, 
but I am behind with uploading.
But soon!!!


*the world

"Simply wait, be quiet, still The world
will freely offer itself to you."
Franz Kafka



Our last little trip to the woodquarter
before the snow came.
Mustard fields where blooming,
it felt more like spring than autumn.


*End of autumn

{Music: Wunder – Oskar Schuster}



We had our first snow
and it couldn’t be any better.
The specific light, the smell, the feeling when you breathe in the fresh air.
I stand up early, prepare the stove fire,
take my camera and immediately leave the warmth of the house.
Strangely I don’t meet anyone on my walks.
It seems people here are rather less enamoured of misty weather or snow.
The playground is fully mine.
It’s early enough to meet deer and flocks of starlings that are chattering in the naked treetops 
and every now and then the call of a crow rings out.
The bright mantle of snow uncovers paths in the forest that normally are not accessible,
because of all the wild bushes and trees with dense foliage that block the view in the warmer seasons.
I don’t feel the frostiness, because I am fully in the now, when I take my walks
and focus on the magic of ever transforming nature.
No signs of stress or suffering anywhere – devotion and serenity as far as the eye can reach.
Silently I feel all winters in me that I ever lived.
I want to crawl under the blanket of snow,
reach my hands up to the sky,
let myself drift.
There is no aim or definable purpose that I claim to be mine.
There is no me in myself.
Out there, I dissolve in a truly otherworld.
Far away from every thing.


*keys and silence

 Sometimes we don't know
that we have the keys already.


*autumn moments

{Music: Penn ar Lann – Yann Tiersen}


*morning mist

The greatest joy
to wander in the morning mist
that envelops everything out there
and reveals thousands of flimsy silver threads
that are connected with everything.


*summer in fall

{Music: From the Morning – Nick Drake}



 The succulent on the second picture
is from dear Lotte from Belgium.
First it did not grow very well,
but after a summer in the greenhouse it looks vibrant!



Misty days are alternating with clear days with harsh winds.
It is smelling like snow, but we did not have snow yet.


*Turning leaf

{Music: Infra 5 – Max Richter}

This composition of Max Richter
creates the weirdest feelings in me.
A mixture of tension and absolute surrender,
sadness and deep joy at the same time.
A feeling of letting everything behind you,
a silent death or birth.
Tragically and comforting at once.


*another world

"There is another world, but it is inside this one."
Paul √Čluard


*Cosmea magic

{Music: The things I say – Joanna Newsom}

This year I grew cosmea flowers.
I always admired them when I saw them in other gardens.
I did not expect them to grow that rampant,
in the end they overran the whole garden bed.


*misty world


When they are full of tiny water drops
reflecting the mild light of a misty fall morning
they appear like a true masterpiece to me.
Pure, transient perfection.