Softly as in a morning light.



{Music: Au dessous du volcan Yann Tiersen}

We had so many sunflower fields this year in our surrounding
and when they started to wither with all their different brown tones
and hanging heads from the weight of all the seeds, they looked even more beautiful.



 What is pain
after all.


*going home

"Going to the woods
is going home."
John Muir


*sunny days

We are having some really nice, sunny autumn days right now.
Ideal to make some last preparations in the garden and home before winter is coming.



Making those little movies gives me the opportunity
to share some of my favorite music.

This song is from the brilliant composer Max Richter
and is called Horizon Variations.


*end of summer

End of summer in my vegetable garden.

{Music: Je te Laisserai Des Mots Patrick Watson}

The big green fruits in the greenhouse are from my luffa plant.
I am still waiting to be able to remove the sponge.
Hope it will work again!

Have a nice Sunday!

{Note: If there pops up any advertisement in my movies, 
then it is because I use music from other artists.}


*September mail

From Amalia from Greece with little shells from her summer vacation.

Silke sent me seeds from her sempervivum and this awesome sewing book! 

Another lovely letter from Sylvie 

Thank you all!

I'm looking forward to write letters in autumn.
When it get's darker and inclement outside,
it is even nicer to sit down and write.


*pastel ocean

 The last pictures of our Croatia trip.
The rocks have been so warm from storing the day sun.
The pastel colors, so soft and delightful.

September has gone by so incredible fast.
I made some more little movies
that I will upload soon.

So stay tuned and enjoy the new season!


*between olive trees

In the south
the evening light
feels even more magical.